Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is your needling method similar to acupuncture?

No, the Bostock Needle Technique (BNT) is a thicker gauge dry needle that goes directly into the muscle tissue and targets the Nervelocks, unlike Acupuncture which targets Chinese Meridian or Qi points.

The BNT reduces the pain in the muscle and other affected nerve region completely by deactivating the specific nerves that have gone into a ‘protective’ locked state causing the chronic pain. It has a direct & immediate result – you will know when the pain has been released!

2. Is the BNT painful?

Yes, there can be muscle soreness after the needling (similar to muscle exercise soreness). Essentially it is the lactic acid (stored up toxins) in the muscles coming out after the needles release the guarding nerves, allowing the spasmed muscles to finally relax/release. The soreness will go away within 24 – 48 hours with the strategies Jim guides his patients through individually.

3. Can I exercise/train/compete on the same day as the needling?

Yes you can, however Jim recommends patients have 1-day of rest (or a night sleep) to allow the release to be 100% successful and not re-ignite the NerveLocks.

4. What makes Jim so different to others?

The care Jim gives all his patients is his motivation. He does not want people wasting time, money and unnecessary stress to end up exactly where they started. He makes time to make sure each individual is cared for (even if they are not with him or referred on for further treatment/management) and get back to 100% function.

His unique method targets the nervous system, which essentially controls every part of your body including – muscular/fascial/joints, hormonal function eg. gut/organs, emotions eg. gut/organs, soft tissue, vascular tissues (blood vessels), lymphatic system (garbage bin of the body) and the autonomic system (controls all autonomic functions of the body eg. fight or flight response, pain or pleasure, stress or relaxed state)

One or more of these systems harbors the true source of your pain. Jim will find it and help your body eliminate it naturally. He achieves this by removing the compensatory ‘layers of dysfunction’ your body develops when you’ve had pain for a long time. By removing these compensatory layers, we reduce your pain significantly. From here your brain gives your body the opportunity to recover and get stronger again.

Jim will also tell you if your pain or dysfunction requires other medical interventions (i.e. surgery) with 100% conviction after 1–2 sessions because your body will naturally reveal the true source of your pain/s.

5. Why are Jim's fees so expensive?

Jim’s hands on neural release technique & his needling technique (developed over past 15 years) makes him in high demand in Australia and internationally. The combination of the two methods has remarkable results for his patients.

Jim’s generally sees people who have tried all avenues, are sick of taking medication and are at their wits end. 99% of his patients will only see Jim up to 2-3 times to have their frustrating questions answered, problems corrected and on track to getting better quickly.

6. Will I be able to get any rebates from my health fund for his service?

Yes, Jim is a physiotherapist, therefore you will be covered under ‘Extras Cover’ if you have it in place with your health fund.

Generally most funds rebate between $20 to $50 for a session. However, funds like NIB, Australian Unity, Medibank Private (higher level covers), Frank Health Insurance, GU Health, AHM (specific covers) and will refund you 70% to 80% of the consultation fee.

Additionally, if your pain has been a long-term issue, your GP can refer you as an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) patient whereby Medicare will provide you 5 sessions of $52 in rebate for your physiotherapy sessions.

So please check with your health fund on what level of cover you have.

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