Speaking Engagements

Unveiling the Science behind NerveLocks, Pain & Performance 

Inspire & Educate
  • Engaging Presentations:  Jim delivers captivating presentations that are informative, thought-provoking and tailored to your specific event theme.
  • Cutting-Edge Insights:  He shares the latest advancements in pain, the innovative Bostock Needle Technique (BNT) used by “The Needle Guy” and how it is revolutionising pain treatment.
  • Actionable Strategies:  Audiences gain practical tools and strategies to manage chronic pain, improve mobility, and optimise performance.
Tailored Presentations
  • Adaptable Approach:  Keynote speeches, seminars, sporting events, Podcasts – Jim customises his presentation to your specific event theme and audience.
  • Interactive Engagement:  Q&A sessions and practical exercises foster attendee participation and dynamic learning
  • Sophistication and Credibility:  Jim’s expertise adds value to your program, leaving a lasting impression.

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