Holistic & Non-invasive

Our method is regarded as the most effective non-invasive, holistic & drug free treatment to return your vocal muscles back to it’s normal balance and tension improve performance.

Returns Balance & Power

Our method gently releases key nerves around your vocal folds allowing the body’s natural healing to take place, returning your natural vocal balance, power & sound.

Immediate Results

After years of clinical experience, we have developed a treatment that immediately releases all muscle tension on the vocal cords, with long lasting results.

Are you worried about losing your voice? Or is your voice already locked?

All vocalists are ‘athletes’ with vocal muscles that can fatigue and tighten with extended speaking and singing engagements. The Bostock Vocal Technique is a unique vocal treatment method designed to eliminate and release all tension to the vocal cords, reseting your natural vocal sound, range and power immediately and with lasting results.

We gently treat the key muscular, neural, arterial, venous and lymphatic systems of the body to enhance your voice production to immediately improve your vocal performance & recovery.

Jim Bostock’s growing reputation as the ‘vocal mechanic’ has seen him treat world famous speakers and platinum selling artists such as; Tony Robbins, Tina Arena, Jessica Mauboy, Natalie Imbruglia, The Kin, The Presets, Tove Lo, Kate Miller-Heidke and Sheppard – who are all fans of Jim’s ground breaking treatment.

How it works

You’re Not Alone. We’re Here to Help!

Performing artists are all athletes in their unique ways. Their muscles are exercised heavily during long bouts of singing & speech, increasing tension on the vocal cords. On top of this, touring can take its toll on an artist’s body with viral illnesses, bacterial & chemical infections. Laryngeal reflux is also very common in singers. These factors all lead to vocal cord injuries such as inflammation, swelling, bleeding, cysts, granulomas, polyps and nodules.

We gently treat the muscular, neural (the Vagus nerve), vascular and lymphatic systems of the body, focusing on the head, jaw, face, neck, rib cage, lungs, diaphragm and the body’s organ system like the gut organs. With a series of gentle neural release techniques we release your voice completely, immediately improve your vocal performance & recovery.

Artist Relationships

Jessica Mauboy


Tove Lo

Tony Robbins

Guy Sebastian

Kasey Chambers

Tina Arena

Kate Miller-Heidke

We’ve developed a method to get your voice back

Like a ‘Vocal Reset’ as quoted by singers, the Bostock Vocal Release Technique is an innovative Vagus nerve guided vocal release treatment designed to free your natural vocal performance, enhance vocal recovery, improve breathing difficulties and body tensions.

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