the game changer program

Is Pain Ruining Your Lifestyle & Ambitions,
Take Control of Your Recovery Now

Are you a dedicated athlete or an athletic entrepreneur frustrated by persistent pain that’s hindering your ambitions?  Pain can be a real roadblock, impacting your training, competitive edge & progressive lifestyle.

The Game Changer program is a unique program led by Jim Bostock “The Needle Guy”, the highly regarded creator of the Bostock Needle Technique (BNT).  This program helps transform your body from living & training in pain to being fully healed & functional so that you can push your limits again without fear or doubts.

BNT goes beyond temporary relief. It digs deeper, aiming to uncover the root cause of your pain & unlock lasting improvements in your performance.  Jim, with his extensive research & experience, will work with you to create a customised treatment plan & guide you towards optimal recovery then performance for years to come.

Imagine training, competing & living your life’s ambitions pain-free, pushing your limits & achieving your goals as an athlete or athletic entrepreneur.  The Game Changer program is an investment in your long-term success & well-being as an athletic body.