As an elite performer, feeling pain in your body and carrying it for a long time, limits your body and mind’s true potential. This is not only a worry in your personal life but also in your professional performance.

Imagine feeling free of this pain. From his experience in treating over 100K patients in Australia and worldwide, Jim has developed his unique Needling Method called the Bostock Needle Technique, targeting what he calls #NerveLocks, which are specific Nerves in the muscles / fascia that ‘locks’ down to protect that part of the body.

When unlocked Jim’s treatment is renowned for its remarkable outcomes. For example, fixing chronic pains faster than the traditional methods and bringing athletes back from injury FASTER to 100% function. For Athletes, this is a game changer mentally and physically.

If you are doubting your body because of constant pain or problems, find out what Jim can do for you!

We see a lot of people whose pain has been annoying them for a long time. They have experienced the medical merry-go-round with no success. They are at their wits end, they want to be fit and healthy and performing at 100% again. It isn’t long before their pain forces them to play without confidence, or even quit their sport and other hobbies.

At the Bostock Institute, we have developed our Nerve Lock release treatment to eliminate these pains and return the body back to 100% function FAST. Stop wasting time living with these easily treatable pains and schedule a consultation in the specialised treatment area of our booking portal now.

Athletic Performance Treatment

Are you always questioning your body’s abilities in your sport because of ongoing pains or re-injury?

I designed a Needle Treatment called the Athletic Performance Treatment (APT) that eliminates chronic pain/s and improves your strength, speed and recovery. It is ‘Change the Game‘ for Athletes!

Imagine running, lifting or jumping and feeling like your muscles are firing at 100%.  When you get a muscle or soft tissue injury, your recovery time is twice as fast! This gives an athlete so much confidence in their body which can only improve their performance, giving them the ‘edge’.

By using the Bostock Needle Technique, I unlock your nervous systems full potential : increasing range of motion instantly, increasing blood flow to tissues, improving peak muscle power and most importantly WITHOUT PAIN.  Therefore your RECOVERY is FASTER.

Each APT is tailored to your individual needs to help you get the edge in your sport.

Owen Wright

The Monster – Jesse Williams

Brisbane Bullets NBL

Athletic Performance

Severs Disease

Severs Disease affects young athletic children from the ages of 8 – 16 years causing debilitating pain in their heels that stops them playing sport for up to 3 years.

My needle treatment called the Bostock Needle Technique eliminates this pain instantly and the child can return to sport with full function the next day.

How does it work? The pain is sourced to what I call Nerve Locks in their calfs and glutes, due to growth spurts combined with muscle overuse. Simply their bones are growing too fast for their muscles. My needle treatment eliminates these Nerve Locks quickly and no more than 2 treatments are needed.

Let’s get your child back to sport pain free.

Severs Disease

Severs Disease

Severs Disease

Severs Disease

What to expect


I combine my unique techniques to fix your pain as quickly as possible saving you time and stress.


We will find out the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of your current pain giving you a thorough understanding of it.


I will be with you throughout the whole session, with the aim to understand the causes of your pain.

Follow Up

You will receive care beyond your treatment, with regular check ups to keep you on track.


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