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When you feel a pain in your body, and you’ve carried it for years, it can resist your mind and body’s true potential.  Imagine feeling & being free of this burden.  Jim has helped thousands of people in Australia and the globe fix their pain and in doing so unlock their true potential in every way – mentally, emotionally and physically. Don’t live your life in a constant state of pain or dysfunction.  Find out how Jim can help you.

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Guarantee in


Over the last few years, we have noticed a trend. Patients come in to see Jim, usually via a recommendation from a family member or friend. Their pain and discomforts are always different but their stories are remarkably similar.

One day an injury or issue creeps up on them and slowly gets worse over time. They seek medical assessments, talk with specialists and have MRIs taken – all the while their test results come back clear. They work through various treatment methods and programs, only to see no marked improvements. They are meant to be fit and healthy, but it isn’t long before pain forces them to give up playing their favourite sport or enjoying their hobbies.

At the Bostock Institute, we have developed our NerveLock release therapy to combat these pains and return the body back to 100% function. Our new Guarantee in 2 specialised treatment immediately eliminates your pain in two sessions or Jim will treat you for free. Stop wasting time living with these easily treatable pains and schedule a consultation in the specialised treatment area of our booking portal now.

Currently we have three specific treatments available for the Guarantee in 2, we will continue to add more over time.

  • Sever’s Disease – A long lasting heel pain in growing kids who are highly athletic that doesn’t go away despite all their efforts to fix and prevent it.

  • Osgood Schlatter’s – A long lasting knee pain in growing kids who are highly athletic that doesn’t go away despite all their efforts to fix and prevent it.

  • Chronic Knee Pain in Adults – A long lasting knee pain that stops you pursuing the activities you love, usually begins post surgeries, accidents, falls or other previous injuries. Medical assessments come back all clear while any efforts to solve the problem are not improving the pain.

What to Expect

Jim Bostock has a track record that is remarkable. With a reputation as the man who fixes people quickly, he is in high demand from not just the general public but numerous high profile athletes to celebrities in Australia & around the globe.


I combine my unique techniques to fix your pain as quickly as possible saving you time and stress.



We will find out the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of your current pain giving you a thorough understanding of it.



I will be with you throughout the whole session, with the aim to understand the causes of your pain.


Follow Up

You will receive care beyond your treatment, with regular check ups to keep you on track.