Our unique treatment techniques

Bostock Needle Technique

In 2004, Jim started working with trigger points and the effective method of ‘dry needling’ to release them.  He became fascinated in this method however this method was incomplete in his opinion.  Therefore Jim further studied the anatomy and designed his own needling method.

Jim truly believed that a human body does not need more than 2-3 treatments to get better without pain and back to 100% function in the muscles.  The body does the rest!  His frustrations for people who were left medically untreatable kept him researching deeper into its physiology and anatomy and treating as many people as he could.  Over time Jim discovered new points in the nervous system inside the muscles and fascia that had NOT been studied before or seen in the medical literature.  Jim defined them as ‘Nerve Locks’.

He believed these Nerve Locks are the key to truly fixing chronic musculoskeletal pains or problems.  In the years to come and over 80,000 case studies, Jim developed the ‘Bostock Needle Technique’ (BNT).

Today after 18 years of his clinical research, Jim has completed his understanding of all pains in the body and why they persist causing unbelievable problems in people.  Medically considered untreatable was NOT an option in Jim’s mind and his Nerve Lock treatment is ‘resetting’ the body back to a normal state after being shut down by pain and dysfunction for so long.  His reputation has grown to become  “The Needle Guy” and his treatment is revolutionising pain.

Neural Positional Release

When the body and brain is traumitised from pain, injury and emotional stress, the fascia that covers every muscle, bone, nerves, blood vessels, lymphatics and organs  go into a ‘protected’ state.

Our nervous system does this by locking down nasty ‘reflexes’ in the central, peripheral & autonomic nervous system (automated organ and hormonal function). The result is – muscles, joints, ligaments, nerve tissue, blood vessels, organs and lymphatic drainage going into dysfunction.

For example, did you know a vascular restriction in the pelvis or lower back can cause Sciatic pains in the lower limb? When these reflexes are set in, they can stay forever! Muscles performance weakens, injuries can reoccur faster, annoying pains can last longer and recovery from any injury or illness becomes poorer. Neural Positional Release (NPR) is an innovative & powerful technique originating at the Jones Institute (who call it called Strain Counter Strain) which ‘resets’ these nasty reflexes.

By placing the body into non-threatening positions, the brain allows the nerve fascia or neuro-fascia to ‘unlock’ resulting in pain relief & a better tissue environment for healing. This is a necessary step before any nerve-muscle-joint system can be re-strengthened back to function and optimal performance.