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Jim Bostock

Jim has been helping thousands of people fix their chronically frustrating pains. When people are at their wits end, his unique treatment is so successful that his approach is being sought after from the general public to elite athletes, entrepreneurs & entertainers world-wide.

Jim’s passion is using a holistic approach to healing the body. His treatment focuses on your nervous system and therefore getting to the source of your pain. Naming them ‘NerveLocks’ Jim has developed his own method called the Bostock Needle Technique which is what he is highly renown for.

He has a degree in Physiotherapy, a post graduate Masters in Sports & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy & a degree in Exercise Physiology with Honours. Alongside his university studies & professional practice, Jim also continues to progress his study & practice in an effective form of manual therapy called Strain Counter Strain from the Jones Institute in the United States + currently writing his book on Nerve Locks & The Bostock Needle Technique. He a speaker at numerous conferences, events & podcasts.

Jim loves spending his leisure holidaying, eating delicious food, competing in Tennis & spending time with his greatest loves – family.



2001 – Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at the University of Queensland



2002 – Master of Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland



2010 – Graduate Certificate in Sports Physiotherapy at Latrobe University


2012 – Accepted the “Title” from the Australian Physiotherapy Association.



Keynote Speaker and Guest Lecturer, including for the QLD Conservatorium of Music


Expertise in Visceral Somatic Release – utilised to treat the Organ System


Expertise in Neural Positional Release or Strain Counter Strain


Creator of the Bostock Needle Technique – deactivating/resetting Active or Bad Trigger Points or NerveLocks

Years of Experience

Hrs Developing Methods

Needles used to Treat

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Our Team


Peri is an ex-Australian Athlete who has competed in 3 Commonwealth Games – 2002, 2006 & 2010. She has 2 Commonwealth Games silver medals from the Women’s Teams Event & her athletic career spanned 19 years with 13 of those years in the Australian Women’s Team, from 2000 to 2013. During her athletic career, Peri completed a Business degree majoring in Professional Accountancy and worked for the accounting firm Ham Brothers Pty Ltd for 10 years from 2004 to 2014.

Peri was also employed by the Queensland Olympic Committee & Queensland Commonwealth Games Association presenting motivational speeches to schools and events. She has her level 2 coaching certificate in Table Tennis and has coached two Australian Cadet Teams at the World Cadet Championships. Since giving birth to her daughter in 2014 Peri has taken on the role of Manager at the Bostock Institute.


Beryl has tertiary qualifications in Human Movements and Teaching. She has taught in public and private secondary schools and lectured at teacher’s colleges. Her career included coaching many successful sporting teams and she gained management experience in positions such as Sports Coordinator and Health and Physical Education Subject Mistress.

Current activities include; tennis, dancing, trekking, yoga, zumba, swimming, spending time with her family, playing the piano and adventure holidays.

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